Bank of Zambia



To be a dynamic and credible central bank that adds value to the economic development of Zambia.


  • To ensure appropriate monetary policy formulation and implementation
  • To act as the fiscal agent of the Government
  • To license, regulate and supervise banks and financial service institutions registered under the Act to ensure a safe and sound financial system
  • To manage the banking, currency and payment systems operations of the Bank of Zambia to ensure the provision of efficient and effective service to commercial banks, Government and other users.


Employees of the Bank of Zambia shall at all times endeavour to direct their efforts towards the achievement of the Mission of the Bank by consistently following the Values encapsulated in the BoZ Way, which means ACTION for :

Accountability - We will accept the consequences of the decisions and actions that we take.

Commitment to excellence - We will always identify, agree and meet the requirements of both internal and external stakeholders and honour the commitments we make on time and to the highest quality.

Time - We will always be on time in attending to Bank business.

Integrity - We will work with honesty and integrity and be sincere in all our dealings .

Objectives - We will set ourselves challenging, specific and measurable objectives and will work diligently towards achieving them within the targeted time frame.

New Ideas - We will be open to new ideas and develop for ourselves and our colleagues the necessary skills to meet current and future challenges.

Values for Bank of Zambia as an instituion in relation to its stakeholders, namely:

Efficiency - The Bank of Zambia will strive to accomplish its work with minimal resources and in a timeframe appropriate for the tasks at hand.

Transparency - The Bank of Zambia will frequently communicate with governmental authorities, the National Assembly and the public concerning its policies, operations, and financial condition that will enable its stakeholders to assess the Bank’s performance in relation to its objectives.

Accountability - The Bank of Zambia will be accountable for its policies and operations in relation to its mission.