GroundXero (K-Roc Pictures and BrainStorm MediaWorks)

GroundXero consists of two partner companies, BrainStorm MediaWorks and K-Roc Pictures. GroundXero exists as a conglomerate that provides services to corporates and individuals locally and abroad. The fusion of the two entities, BrainStorm and K-Roc Pictures was undertaken because of the rising demand for quality multimedia productions in the industry. The two entities pooled their assets and skills dedicating them towards one very powerful team known as GroundXero.

About BrainStorm MediaWorks

BrainStorm was founded in 2004 to provide multimedia, creativity and innovation services and has since served various industrial sectors in Zambia. BrainStorm was registered as a business name in 2007, and is in compliance with all Zambian business regulatory and statutory laws.

Currently, the company can best be described primarily as being in the business of providing creative multimedia and advertising services. BrainStorm was originally established to be an instrument for communication through creative and concept development for various programmes on both radio and television. Later, BrainStorm utilised the already existing machinery and capacity to produce high quality adverts, among other multimedia productions, both locally and abroad.

About K-Roc Pictures

K-Roc Pictures Limited was conceived, formed and incorporated in 2008. It is an independently-owned multimedia design studio. We are designers and producers who share a passion for translating a great idea into an engaging, intelligent and innovative production.

We are a multi-platform digital film and cinematography agency. We produce radio, TV and online ads, HD video production for entertainment and arts, interactive presentations, and expert multimedia production advice.

Our project teams plan, brainstorm, and experiment in order to create a product that is well designed, functional and always unique. We believe that we can positively contribute to the improvement of social awareness campaigns, the fight against HIV/AIDS, whilst improvinh advertising and marketing standards in the country.

We also believe that media outfits such as ours are vehicles for empowering young people and creating positive changes in our society.