ICT Dynamix (Pty) Ltd

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ICT Dynamix is a Botswana registered company (100% citizen-owned) that specialises in IT Consulting, System Integrations Application implementation web-site development and design and implementation of high-speed data communication technologies.

ICT Dynamix was incorporated in Botswana in November 2001 company Number 2001/4365. ICT Dynamix is an Information Technology consultancy service provider to both the public and private sectors. ICT Dynamix has a pool of qualified engineers and technicians specialising in routers, switches, and digital radio and laser transmitters.

ICT Dynamix is striving for business excellence by developing cutting edge expertise and instant access to comprehensive range of specialised Information and Communication technologies solution as part of the our innovative approach.
ICT Dynamix has evolved into an organization that specialises supply of different makes of computer hardware, software, DCP consultancy and implementation website development, supply of high-tech networking solutions and the provision of after-implementation support for small, medium and large-scale enterprises in Botswana.


To be a preferred strategic partner of choice to our customers by providing them with cost effective Consultancy, Communications infrastructure and Solutions through accredited and certified professionals in implementing their projects in close partnership with our suppliers and partners.


To be the heart of business excellence by developing cutting edge expertise and instant access to comprehensive range of specialized ICT solutions as part of our innovative and dynamic approach.



  • Teamwork
  • Respect (BOTHO)
  • Passion
  • Dedication
  • Innovative

What we do:

ICT Dynamix will provide the right communications system which will help small Businesses to break through the many challenges they face. The system should enable small businesses to achieve the cost savings, functionality and flexibility to run their business more effectively and plan for growth.

ICT Dynamix praises  IP-Based Network Systems. An IP-based system lowers expenses by converging voice, data, and mobile services. It also offers the options for equipment leasing and ongoing maintenance for greater predictability and cash flow planning.

In today’s competitive market-place, an organisation’s business agility is determined by the speed with which it can transform data into information and accelerate communication – internally as well as with customers and partners.

ICT Dynamix helps clients integrate traditional communication tools (telephony, email) with collaboration technologies (instant messaging, video conferencing) that provide new ways to communicate from any location, using any device and accessing any application.

Our solutions enable clients to enter a connected world of seamless communication and collaboration that reduces costs, increases employee productivity, delivers a competitive advantage and enhances customer service.