KDA Accounting Services

KDA Accounting Services is a local accounting firm established in May 1993 to provide Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Consulting and Business Advisory Services to a variety of clients including limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, educational institutions and religious establishments.  The Firm operates through its offices in Kumasi. Its offices are located on the 2nd Floor of House of Excellence, Harper Road, Adum.

Our Core Values

Our core values of Excellence, Teamwork and Leadership define how our people work.  We strive to deliver what we promise, work together as a team and lead by example.

Our values are driven by a legacy of focusing on serving our clients and developing great people. They define and guide our behaviour and are the framework for our decisions.  Our service ethic is characterized by quality and integrity.

Our Services

The Firm provides industry-focused external audit and assurance, internal audit, tax, consulting, financial and business advisory and book-keeping services to build public trust and enhance value for clients and their stakeholders.

The Firm’s unique and innovative book-keeping service has become very popular with its small and medium-size clients.  Currently the Firm provides daily computer-based book-keeping services for twenty-two of such clients.  The regular monthly and/or quarterly reports prepared by the Firm provide these clients with analytical accounting and control information on the operations of their businesses.

Our success in meeting today’s business challenges rest on the way we approach our work. We use experience, industry knowledge and business understanding to build trust and create value for clients.

Audit and Assurance Services

Our External Audit and Assurance services are aimed at providing assurance at the highest level of corporate entities and non-governmental organizations and are focused on the specific needs of all stakeholders.  Audit efficiency and timely presentation of reports are key cornerstones of our Audit and Assurance practice.  To these, we add in-depth industry knowledge to produce insight and assistance into the operating efficiency of clients’ businesses. Our audits are performed with precise service commitments that add value and minimize risks to client’s business.

The methodology for the financial audit we provide is based on International Standards on Auditing. Our approach starts at the same point as clients’ business – with their strategies and business objectives.  Through discussion with senior and operational management, we build an understanding of clients’ business objectives and the associated risks.  We then focus on addressing those risks that may materially impact on their financial statements.

Profile of Clients

Our clients include mainly private sector businesses at national and local levels.

The Firm currently serves as auditors for approximately forty-eight limited liability companies and fifty-one sole proprietorships.  The clients profile includes those in trading, finance, manufacturing, timber, hotel & catering, real estate as well as religious and educational institutions. How We Help Our Clients

We have the expertise and knowledge which enable us to have a good understanding of the pertinent issues affecting audit and other professional assignments. We are highly confident, and believe, that we are well positioned to provide highest quality of professional services to our clients.  We summarize below the reasons why we are particularly confident that we are best qualified to offer the services clients requires of us.

Assignment approach and methodology

An effective participatory approach is crucial to the success of any assignment.  Accordingly, we use a participatory approach which involves:

  •      Adequate planning and engaging or assigning an audit team of professional accountants with experience in audit of accounts of a variety of companies;
  •     Working efficiently to enable us meet deadlines;
  •      Continuously updating clients’ management on the progress of audit and other assignments and impact of delays if any.

Our approach and methodology is tailored to meet and exceed clients’ needs and expectations.  We use a three-stage approach namely planning, execution and reporting and follow-up to deliver the requirements of external audit assignments.

Quality and composition of the assignment team

An outstanding core team of professionals with relevant competence and experience, to respond to the challenges (if any) posed by any assignment. Our team is committed to providing professional service. Our team also has experience in providing value adding recommendations, to enable the client to improve its internal control systems, financial management system and risk management system.

In selecting the team-members for any assignment, our Firm is always mindful to have a carefully chosen dedicated team of competent and experienced professionals, with a mix of the following attributes.

  •     Good and demonstrable understanding of financial audit of particular companies.
  •     Experienced professionals knowledgeable of accounting and disclosure requirements specified under appropriate laws and regulations.
  •     Commitment to provide the highest quality service;
  •     A dedicated team that will strive to exceed your expectations and that will deliver within the time constraints.