National Council for Construction


The National Council for Construction (NCC) is a newly reconstituted statutory body, affiliating and representing all trade organisations and professional bodies within the Zambian Construction Industry. The National Policy on Construction Industry (NPCI), a Government policy document, initiated and approved by cabinet in 1995, prompted the initial formation of the NCC. The NCC formally commenced operations in October 1998, when the Executive Council was elected. It is important to note, however, that the NCC has somewhat been in operation since 1968, when it operated under the Joint Liaison Council for the Construction Industry (JLC).

With the coming to power of the new Government, with its private sector led policies, it was recognised that for development to be meaningful, and to have direction, it was important for a body representing all issues related to the construction Industry to be re-activated. Following broad consultations, among all key stakeholders in the Construction Industry, a working paper was prepared which culminated into the National Policy on the Construction Industry (NPCI) referred to above. It was the NPCI that recommended the formation of the NCC. With a Project Credit from the World Bank for the initial two years funding (extended for one more year), the NCC was finally born in 1998, although meaningful operation only started in 1999. With the ending of the IDA credit support to the NCC it was important to draw lessons from statutory established Construction Councils, like that in Malawi that are able to generate their own income, through construction related levies and penalties.


The mission of the National Council for Construction is to enhance, support and facilitate national development in Zambia through active participation of its constituents in planning and construction of physical infrastructure.


The aim of the National Council for Construction is to promote and build the capacity of the Zambian construction industry.

Objectives of NCC

To achieve the above aim, the NCC has set out the following objectives and strategies;

  • To unify the construction industry, to promote it’s well being, to strive to create a profitable environment for it’s constituents, and to establish a united national platform encompassing formal and informal sectors of the industry and it’s professions

  • To contribute to the reconstruction, rehabilitation and development of Zambia and the uplifting of the standards of living of all it’s people

  • To promote and advance the public recognition of NCC, it’s members and the construction industry

  • To promote, encourage, support and oppose any legislation or other measures affecting the industry

  • To address macro issues affecting the industry

  • To co-ordinate, improve and facilitate the accessibility to training

  • To strive, achieve, monitor and maintain the highest possible standards in the construction industry

  • To apply the income for whatever source derived solely towards the promotion and objectives of NCC and ensure that such income is not transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend or bonus or otherwise to the members or past members of the NCC

  • To add and amend these objects from time to time as decided by the National Council.