Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation

PRESIDENT JONATHANThe Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) is the apex tourism agency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria charged with the overall responsibility of promoting, marketing and coordinating tourism activities in the country with the following specific bjectives:

  • Creating the enabling environment for tourism activities to flourish through the promotion of good standards and efficient service delivery in the hospitality industry and to facilitate investment sector.
  • Making tourism a major revenue earner by harnessing the country’s rich cultural heritage and other tourism assets with an efficient, proactive and highly motivated work force.
  • Standardising and sanitising the industry through registration, inspection, classification and grading of the Hospitality and Tourism enterprises to meet international standard and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Publicising and promoting Nigeria’s endowments through print and electronic media/internet, production of quality brochures, flyers, guide maps, documentaries and active participation at local and international fairs/exhibitions.
  • Ensuring the provision of reliable and up-to-date tourism statistical data, establishment of tourism Data Bank and implementation of Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) to assess the impact of tourism in the national economy.
  • Liaising with other government agencies such as Immigration Service, Federal office of Statistics, CBN, National Population Commission, to produce Annual Tourism Statistical Data and Tourism Satellite Account.
  • Identifying, assessing and documenting tourism sites bans attractions for investment and promotion purposes.
  • Establishing and enforcing codes of conduct for travel, trade and business operators.
  • Liaising with relevant government ministries and agencies to ensure the provision of necessary infrastructures to tourism sites.
  • Providing technical and advisory services to public and rainforestprivate sector operators in the tourism industry.
  • Planning, coordinating, assisting in the development of tourists sites throughout the country.
  • Ensuring the maintenance of standards within the industry.
  • Ensuring the establishment of tourism Development Fund
    (TDF) to provide financial assistance to practitioners and developers.
  • Ensuring the promotion and marketing of the tourism products and services within and outside the country.
  • Facilitating and encouraging private sector and local communities participation in the development of the tourism industry.
  • Promoting technical and professional tourism services.