Zambia Institute of Marketing

The Zambia Institute of Marketing is a membership organisation regulating the practice of marketing in Zambia as provided for in the Zambia Institute of Marketing Act No. 14 of 2003. The Institute, according to the Act, is affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and the Minister of the said Ministry serves as Patron.

The broad operating moralities of the Institute will include:

A political stance: undertaking the operations of the Institute in the highest professional way possible without meddling the Institute in political affiliation or preferences

Impartiality and common good: promoting values and ideals that will foster professionalism, oneness and commitment of all members to ZIM. Promoting collaboration than competition, collaboration that transcends individual egos and interests, religion, gender, colour, race and ethnicity.

Capacity building: building competencies in new and old members in their areas of need through continuous professional development (CPD).

Networking: creating a web of useful relationships, building and positively challenging partners and friends, at local, national and international levels to be accompanied in development and wealth creation for the nation.

Effective communication: establishing conversation systems that will permit timely and effective exchange of views and information within and outside the Institute.