General Nursing Council of Zambia


The mandate of the Council is to ensure public protection through the regulation of nursing and midwifery education and practice. As it stands, nurses and midwives contribute 64% to the bulk of health care providers (Clinton Health Access Initiative 2011). The General Nursing Council of Zambia (GNC) plays a pivotal role to ensure competence and quality care provision among nurses/midwives. Through this GNC fulfills its mandate of ensuring public protection and upholding professionalism.


The Nurses and Midwives shall be empowered to provide quality nursing and midwifery care through attainment and maintenance of professional excellence.


The General Nursing Council sets monitors and evaluates performance standards for nursing and midwifery education, clinical practice, management and research.


In its quest to achieve and enhance its objectives, GNC has set out the following plans which it hopes to attain in two to three years.

• Introduction of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to boost acquisition of new knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes
• Development of mandatory nursing protocols
• Introduction of nursing audits
• Strengthening of the Nurses and Midwives Act No 31 of 1997 in order to include new trends in the nursing and midwifery profession
• Introduction of the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations as part of the examination system in nursing education
• Introduction of an institutional website for the development and interaction with the nursing fraternity both locally and worldwide
• Introduction and conducting of licensure examinations