Find Advertising, Marketing and PR expertise in Antigua and Barbuda

The advertising industry is in Antigua and Barbuda is mostly limited to local institutions or advertising for tourist purposes. Most of Antigua & Barbuda’s advertising agencies are based in the capital city St. John’s. The small nature of the industry means that many provide integrated advertising, marketing and public relations services. Prominent examples include E K Advertising Limited, Visage Advertising, B B & B Advertising Agency, International Communication, Ripple Marketing Communication and Sun Integrated Advertising and Public Relations.

Sales and marketing teams usually work for large manufacturers and operate in the field of goods importing and exporting, representing a specific brand. Local marketing agencies include Li-Vi Marketing. The PR sector of Antigua & Barbuda as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations plays a big role outside of the country: Tourist Offices around the world, for example in London, UK, are responsible for the development and implementation of marketing, advertising and public relations strategies.

The growing advertising industry is represented by the expansion of the Antigua Advertising Festival, the eighth session of which took place in July 2012, with representatives from Central America, South America and the Carribbean.