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As an island state, Antigua and Barbuda places emphasis on its shipping trade and possesses one of the most important freighthubs of the Caribbean: St John’s deep water harbour is located in the state’s capital in Antigua and is the main transit point for containerised cargo. A high number of bulk carriers, cargo vessels, containers and other commercial vessels are located in the islands, with the CIA placing the country 9th in the world in terms of its merchant marine, although the majority of these are foreign-owned. Two entities run operations at the port – the Antigua Port Authority provides shore-side labour with longshoremen and equipment operators, while local shipping agencies provide the stevedoring onboard the ships and husbandry services for vessels. There is not an active Shipping Association, but shipping agents meet regularly to discuss port matters affecting them and issues relating to operation at the Port Authority. The main liner services in operation are CMA CGM lines (represented by Bryson Shipping), Seaboard (represented by Carb Seas), Crowlet (represented by Caribbean Maritime Services), Tropical Shipping (represented by Antigua Maritime Services) and Geest Line (represented by Francis Trading Agencies Ltd).

The major freight centre for the country’s aviation, the V.C. Bird International Airport, is to be found on the island of Antigua. The airport is served by a multitude of cargo plane connections, with the World Bank calculating the level of air transport freight at 0.79 million ton-km (2010). The 77 km long narrow-gauge rail network on the islands is mainly used for the transportation of goods such as sugar cane. Antigua’s and Barbuda’s road network, a total of 1,165km, is crucial for linking starting point and further transportation of goods by ship or plane.

There are around 20 freight forwarders, cargo agents couriers operating in the islands, all based in the capital of St John’s. International consultancy firm PwC has a presence on the islands. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for shipping at the governmental level.

No data is available from World Bank Logistic Performance Index.

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