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Prices for private property in Antigua and Barbuda remained stagnant from 2008 to 2011, while the gross rental yield accounts for around 4%. The net rental income taxation, which the tenant withholds, comes to 20% (2011). No capital gains or inheritance taxes are collected in the country and there is a top worldwide income tax rate of 25%. Buying costs are relatively high, as 10% of the property’s actual value is payable and 2.5% of it has to be borne by the buyer. Buyers from abroad have to acquire an Alien’s Land Holding License prior to purchasing. Therefore, foreign tenants should be prepared for a lead time of about 4 months and additional costs of about 5% of the property’s value they are interested in. Due to the high popularity of the state as a tourist destination, the real estate market of the nation is dominated by short-term leases of about a week. There are more than 20 real estate agencies based in Antigua & Barbuda including Access Antigua Ltd. and Stanley Estate Agents Ltd. to cater the needs of locals and tourists.

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