Find Electricity and Power expertise in Australia

Australia’s power comes from primarily black and brown coal (75%) and the remaining 25% from natural gas, hydroelectric, oil and other renewable energy sources. Electricity generation requires about 44% of the total energy produced, and generating 24% of the final energy consumption. From 2008 to 2009, Australia’s electricity power plants produced some 266 billion kilowatt hours (TWh) with power plants using 17 TWh for themselves, 18 TWh lost or used in transmission, and 11 TWh used in energy sector consumption. Australia does not import or export electricity. There are nearly 50 power companies in Australia, including VENCorp, Hydro Tasmania, Origin Energy, Energy Australia, Pacific Hydro and Panax Geothermal.

Electricity and Power organisations in Australia
AGL Energy Ltd
Country Energy
CS Energy Ltd
Delta Electricity
Energy Australia
Ergon Energy Corporation Ltd
Green Rock Energy
Horizon Power
Hydro Tasmania
Integral Energy
Origin Energy
Pacific Hydro
Panax Geothermal
Power and Water Corporation
Red Energy
Snowy Hydro Ltd
Spark Infrastructure
Tarong Energy
Verve Energy