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The major players in Australia’s publishing industry are Random House, Macmillan, HarperCollins, Scholastic and Penguin all subsidiaries of global publishing firms – although there are a number of independent publishers throughout the nation. Allen & Unwin is the largest independent publisher in the country. Publishers in Australia are mostly members of the Australian Publishers Association. The country’s main newspaper is The Australian which has been in distribution since 1964. Australia also has numerous weekly and monthly newspapers, as well as hundreds of community newspapers which are distributed throughout various areas of the country.

Turnover for the industry in the year 2008-09 was AU$1.75 billion, 13.5% of which was exports, mainly to the UK, US and Germany. Education and non-fiction titles account for about 80% of the revenues.

Ranking 20 out of 144 for the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-13, and 19 out of 144 for intellectual property protection with a score of 5.3 (seven being the strongest). It beats countries such as Taiwan, China who is 22nd in the chart and United States who is 29th. The United Kingdom remains 13 places higher in the chart than Australia. The high value of intellectual property protection is important as it helps the country develop socially and economically, whilst also ensuring solid patent, copyright and trademark protection to its new technologies, brand names and creative works such as books, music and movies.

Printing and Publishing organisations in Australia
Abaris Printing & Publishing Co. Proprietary Ltd
Allen & Unwin
Australian Publishers Association
Blue Angel Gallery
Brolly Books
ChoiceMaker Pty Ltd, The
CSIRO Publishing
ETL Sydney
Exisle Publishing
Five Mile Press Pty Ltd, The
Ice Water Press
Insight Publications
John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Laguna Bay Publishing Pty. Ltd
Millennium House
Random House
Scribe Publications Pty Ltd
Spinifex Press
Tracy Marsh Publications
University of Queensland Press
Weldon Owen Pty Ltd