Find Security expertise in Australia

According to reports from Parliament, there are nearly double the number of private security officers in Australia than police. In 2008, security costs in Australia totaled AUS$ 2.9 billion. Private security personnel in the country can be classified as any of the following groups: private investigators, security consultants, locksmiths, insurance investigators, debt collectors, court bailiffs or sheriffs and armored car escorts. The Council of Australian Governments has taken steps to ensure levels of licensing for security personnel on duty, providing licensing for general guarding, guarding with a dog, crowd control, venue control, centre monitoring, guarding with a firearm, body guarding and training. The five leading companies in the sector are Chubb, Linfox, ISS, Tyco and Signature.

Security organisations in Australia
ACG Security
Alarm Insustries Pty Ltd
ART Security
Bax Security
Camvex Video Surveillance Systems
Combined Security Solutions
Council of Australian Governments
Frank O'Neill Group
Guardcorp Security
In-Front Security Service
Jacksons Security
MWA Corporate Security Management
Royal Eagle Security
Sielox Security Systems Pty Ltd
SNP Security
Steadfast Security Group Pty Ltd
Ultimate Security Services Pty Ltd
Wilson Security
Zenn Force Protection Group