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According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) the travel and tourism industry contributed AUD140.6bn to the economy of Australia in 2011, supporting 1,358,500 jobs, including those supported indirectly, accounting for 11.9% of total employment. This placed it 82nd in the world (out of 181 countries) in terms of the industry’s relative contribution to the economy, with a 9.7% share of GDP, below the world average of 14% (WTTC 2011). The largest share of the country’s tourism industry is located in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria respectively, together accounting for around 80% of the industry’s output. However, tourism accounts for the largest share of total output and employment in the Northern Territory, Tasmania and Queensland. The largest proportion of tourist arrivals come from New Zealand, followed by the United Kingdom and China. In both 2010 and 2011 China was the fastest growing country source market. It was also first in relation to inbound tourist receipts, which is to a large extent thanks to the high number of education-related inflows from the country. In 2011 visitor exports generated AUD18.9bn, constituting 6.2% of total exports. A high proportion, around three-quarters, of tourism expenditure in the country is accounted for by domestic tourism.

Tourism Australia, the nationally funded tourism board, largely aims its marketing in Western Europe and North America. However, overall it operates in around 30 key markets, utilising advertising, PR and media programmes, trade shows and industry programmes, consumer promotions, online communications and consumer research. Each state has its own visibility on the internet, promoting its own arts, culture, heritage and tourism activities. The Ministry of Resources, Energy and Tourism provides advice and policy support to the Australian government concerning the tourism industry.

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