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Owing to the size of the country and the remoteness of its cities from each other, the road and rail networks of Australia are vital to trade and interstate commerce. The rail line includes more thanĀ 40,000 km of track, with nearly 3,000 km of electrified track. The major freight operators in Australia are Pacific National and QRNational, along with several independent freight rail operators such as Independent Rail of Australia and Silverton Rail. There are more thanĀ 900,000 km of roads in Australia, 350,000 of which are paved. Main airports are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Cairns. Qantas Airways and Virgin Blue are the top airlines, providing international and regional services for the country.

Transport Infrastructure organisations in Australia
Australia Western Railroad
Australian Rail Track Corporation
Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Ltd
Canberra Airport
Central Australian Tourism Industry Association
Department of Infrastructure and Transport
Independant Rail of Australia
Mee's Bus Lines
New South Wales Department of Transport
Pacific National
Perth Airport
Qantas Airwarys Ltd
Queensland Department of Transport
Sydney Ferries
Thomson Coachlines
Virgin Blue