Find Advertising, Marketing and PR expertise in Bahamas, The

A large proportion of the advertising industry in The Bahamas is accounted for by the tourism sector. Additionally, the islands are heavily exposed to the advertising of American products and companies, a result of the largely import-based economy. In particular sellers in southern Florida have found it profitable to advertise in the Bahamian market.

A number of firms operating on the islands offer integrated advertising, marketing and public relations services. These include Adworks, Promotion, PS Advertising and Public Relations, Ocean Advertising Agency, Barefoot Marketing and Arawak Production. Prominent marketing firms include Bahamas 2000, Media Enterprises Ltd and Pyramid Marketing Services.

The advertising industry employs a significant number of people in The Bahamas, as across the rest of the Caribbean. This is recognised by the Caribbean Advertising Federation which promotes the advertising industry through a network of advertisers, agencies and media companies, including a number of members from The Bahamas.