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The financial sector in Bangladesh consists of the money and capital markets, insurance and pensions, and microfinance. The commercial banking system dominates the financial sector, with a limited role for non-bank financial institutions. The vast majority of players are nationalised commercial banks and local private commercial banks, with the rest being foreign banks and development finance institutions. There are four state-owned commercial banks, five state-owned specialized banks, 30 domestic private commercial banks, nine foreign commercial banks, and 29 non-bank financial institutions (2010). The largest bank is the state-owned Sonali Bank, whilst other noteworthy institutions include the Grameen Bank, the world-renowned micro-finance giant, and Pubali Bank, the largest private commercial bank. Multinational banks have some presence within the country with Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh, Commercial Bank, Citibank and the State Bank of India being the primary examples. The banking industry in Bangladesh has experienced impressive development in volume and complexity, and has made significant improvements in fields relating to financial viability, profitability, innovation and competitiveness. Microfinance institutions saw rapid growth in Bangladesh and are implemented by various formal financial institutions, specialized government organizations, and non-government organisations.

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AB Bank Ltd
Agrani Bank
Agrani Bank Ltd
Bangladesh Bank
Bangladesh Development Bank
Basic Bank Ltd
Dhaka Bank Ltd
Eastern Bank Ltd
Janata Bank
National Bank Ltd
Rupali Bank Ltd
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