Find Insurance and Reinsurance expertise in Bangladesh

The country’s stock exchange lists over 40 insurance companies, with the greater majority being private firms, although the largest – Sadharan Bima Corporation ¬- is a government-owned concern. Delta Life Insurance is the largest private-sector player. Most of the companies are exclusively general insurance providers. Recently the industry underwent an overhaul in order to make the insurance sector within the country more efficient, with the help of international aid. A couple of professional organisations operate to promote good practice within the sector; these are the Bangladesh Insurance Association and the Bangladesh Insurance Academy. The industry is governed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority Bill and the Insurance Bill of 2010. The Chief Controller of Insurance is the main regulator.

Insurance and Reinsurance organisations in Bangladesh
Agrani Insurance Company Ltd
American Life Insurance Company
Bangladesh General Insurance
Bangladesh General Insurance Co. Ltd (BGIC)
Continental Insurance Ltd
Crystal Insurance Company Ltd
Eastern Insurance Co. Ltd
Express Insurance Ltd
Fareast Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Fearel Insurance Company
Federal Insurance Company Ltd
Green Delta Insurance Co. Ltd
Homeland Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Karnaphuli Insurance Co. Ltd
Loyeds Insurance Company Ltd, The
National Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Paramount Insurance Company Limited
Paramount Insurance Company Limited
Peoples Insurance Co. Ltd
Pioneer Insurance Company Limited
Pragati Insurance Limited
Progressive Life Insurance Company Ltd
Reliance Insurance Limited
Sonar Bangla Insurance Ltd
Standard Insurance Limited
United Insurance Co. Ltd