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There are about 200 book-publishing companies in Bangladesh, publishing both in English and Bengali; the majority of these are national publishers. The National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) publish primary-level books for the Ministry of Education. There are piracy issues in the country, with the entry of foreign books into the country being restricted due to high import taxes. The Global Competitiveness Report 2012-13 gives Bangladesh a score of 2.4 for its intellectual property protection, thus it is ranked 131 out of 144 countries. This could explain the high piracy issues as copyrights, trademarks and patents are not as protected as countries averaging on a score of 5.0. In comparison to its neighbouring countries, India is ranked 63 in the chart with an intellectual property protection score of 3.7; and Nepal has a score of 2.8 placing it 118 out of 144. The Bangladesh Book Publishers and Sellers Association is the trade association for the publishing industry.

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