Independent Schools in Bangladesh

Secondary female–male ratio: 1.13:1 (2010)

Primary pupil–teacher ratio: 43:1 (2010)

Secondary pupil–teacher ratio: 29:1 (2010)

There are five years of compulsory education and eight years of free education, starting at age six. Almost all primary schools are government-managed. Secondary schools (11–16, comprising a first cycle of three years and a second cycle of two years) and higher secondary colleges (17–18) are mostly private, often government-subsidised. Some 66% of pupils complete primary school (2009). The school year starts in January.
A parallel system of education – madrassa education – offers Islamic instruction from primary level up to postgraduate level.

Independent Schools organisations in Bangladesh
American International School
Bangladesh Elementary School
Ecole Francaise Internationale
International School Dhaka (ISD)
South Point School
Sunny Dale School