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The Belizean publishing Industry should be seen as part of the greater Caribbean region. Only a few publishing firms exist in Belize. Due to the limited population base these companies need to be part of a regional network in order to be viable. Two examples of private local firms include Cubola Productions and The Angelus Press. Transnational publishers Pearson (Longman) and Macmillan are major players in educational publishing, operating indirectly from their Caribbean headquarters in countries in the region. The vast majority of the textbooks they supply are distributed for free or at government prices to the end user through the Government Bookstore and the Government of Belize Textbook Programme. The publishers also operate in the country independently through agents and bookshops. The Belize Book Industry Association is the official association of the sector. It organises a variety of fairs and meetings to promote the trade within Belize. The Caribbean Publishers’ Network is a regional umbrella organisation whose main aim is to encourage indigenous publishing.

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