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Belize has a plentiful supply of surface and ground water, though in some areas this is dependent on the season, and 99% of people use an improved source of drinking water (2009). The Belize Water Services (BWS), in which the government is the main shareholder, manages water within Belize. However, in 2001 shares of the company were made available for purchase and a British-Dutch company bought 83% of the shares before the government bought them back. Initially, the water system was regulated by the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA, but this was later sold by the Belize government and taken over by the BWS. Other relevant authorities include the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department; the Land Utilization Authority; the Ministry of Works, which implements infrastructure; the National Service of Meteorology; and the General Direction of Electricity Supply, which runs the hydroelectric infrastructure.

Water and Sanitation organisations in Belize
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