Find National NGO expertise in Belize

Belize possesses a wide range of NGOs for a country of its size. These include NGOs that focus on health, the environment, and social problems. Examples which demonstrate this scope include the Alliance Against AIDS, which is vital for the HIV-positive community within the country; the Belize Red Cross Society, which deals with natural disaster response; the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center (BZTEC), which focuses on conservation; and the Mercy Clinic, which focuses on providing home visits to the elderly. Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in the country have enjoyed a boom in recent years, with many forming a partnership with government departments and ministries to aid in directing public policy – though their limited resources are often stretched. Examples of CSOs include the Belize Development Trust and the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center.

National NGOs & Civil Society organisations in Belize
Association of National Development Agencies
Belize Audubon Society
Belize Organisation for Women and Development
Belizean Assembly of and for Persons with Disability