Education NGOs and CSOs in Belize


The Ministry of Education and education-based NGOs work in partnership on a variety of levels. These partnerships are designed to improve the coordination and efficiency of policy development. NGOs work in a supporting and advisory role when it comes to these partnerships. An example of this process is seen in the sector’s response to HIV and AIDS. NGOs aid the government with infrastructure and policy, providing education on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and doing away with the related taboo and stigma. Such programmes start in the classroom, but branch out to wider society by means of the media.

Education NGOs and CSOs organisations in Belize
Belize Development Trust
Belize Zoo and Center for Tropical Education
Belizean Assembly of and for Persons with Disability
Parents Education for Development in Barbados (PAREDOS)
Society for the Promotion of Education and Research (SPEAR)