Education Suppliers in Belize

The Government of Belize is the primary provider of textbooks in the country – which it achieves through the School Resourcing Services (SRS). It runs the Government Bookstore and the Government of Belize Textbook Programme, which provides a selection of standardised textbooks for free to public primary school children. Transnational publishers Pearson (Longman) and Macmillan are major sources of these books which cover the national curriculum including that of the Caribbean Examinations Council. Books are also imported into the country by charities donating books to aid those who are poorest in Belize and who would otherwise not have access to such materials.

Education Suppliers organisations in Belize
Belize Government Book and Supplies Store
Caribbean Examinations Council
Macmillan Caribbean
Pearson (Longman)
School Resourcing Services
 Government Bookstore