Belizean foreign relations are directed and implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. Belize’s foreign policy is directed toward consolidating its sovereignty, preserving its territorial integrity, and protecting its national interests. Belize maintains strong foreign relations with its English-speaking Caribbean counterpart-states, and it has sought to build closer ties with the Spanish-speaking countries of Central America to complement its historical ties to the English-speaking Caribbean states. Much diplomatic effort is centred on Guatemala’s claim to Belizean territory, and the country’s own domestic agenda. In addition to the Commonwealth, Belize is a member of the UN, as well as the Organization of American States (OAS), the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and the Central American Integration System (SICA)

Embassies organisations in Belize
British High Commission
Canada, Consulate of
China, Embassy of
Consulate of Belize
Consulate of Belize in Montevideo, Uruguay
Consulate of Belize in Ontario, Canada
Consulate of Belize in Panama City, Panama
Consulate of Belize in San Jose, Costa Rica
Consulate of Belize in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Costa Rica, Embassy of
Embassy of Belize and Mission of Belize to The European Communities in Brussels, Belgium
Embassy of Belize in Bangkok, Thailand
Embassy of Belize in La Havana, Cuba
Embassy of Belize in Mexico DF, Mexico
Embassy of Belize in San Salvador, El Salvador
Embassy of Belize in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Embassy of Belize in Taipei, Taiwan
Embassy of Belize in Tokyo, Japan
Embassy of Belize in Vienna, Austria
Embassy of Belize in Washington D.C.
High Commission of Belize in London, United Kingdom
Permanent Mission of Belize to The UNESCO in Paris, Fance
United States, Embassy of the
Venezuela, Embassy of