Transport in Belize

American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air, and US Airways fly from the US mainland. Other countries must go via Atlanta, Miami or Houston to get a connecting flight to Belize. Road entry into Belize from Mexico or Guatemala requires a temporary importation permit at the border, valid for one month. Drivers need to show all travel documents, insurance papers and proof of car ownership or rental documents. Belize City is a popular port of call for cruise ships, with regular boats taking tourists to the Fort Street Tourism Village.

Transport organisations in Belize
Batty Brothers Bus Service
Belize Airports Authority
Belize Paradise Dive Center
Belize Ports Authority
Caribee Air Service
Fanta-Sea Charters
Javier\'s Flying Service Ltd
Maya Island Air
TACA International Airlines
TMM Belize Bar Boat Vacations
Venus Bus Service
Z-Line Bus Service