Find Security expertise in Botswana

Botswana has around 20 private security companies. They provide services to more than 15,000 businesses and householders. Securicor Botswana Ltd – part of Group 4 Securicor – and Security Systems are the largest. Under the 1984 Control of Security Guard Services Act and 1998 Statutory Instrument 58, all security companies in the country must be owned by Batswana, a regulation that does not apply to companies such as Securicor which was established in Botswana before the legislation came into force. The Security Association of Botswana is the industry body.

Security organisations in Botswana
Armaguard Security
Automated Security
Baseone Security Services
Brightspark Security Services
Chevron Security Services
City Guards Security Service
Dokotela Security Services
Eagle Eye Security & Dog Training
Eden Security Co.
Filotto Falco Security Ltd
G4S Security Services (Botswana) Ltd
GR Security Service
Hawk Eye Security Ltd
Intensified Security
J & P Security Services
KM Security
Leshibishibi Security Services
MC Security
Movongwa Security Co.
Ngama Security
Oneway Security Services
Proguard Security
Proguard Security Systems
Red Square Security
Safety Security Services
Scimitar Security
Securicor Botswana Ltd
Security Systems
Senatla Security Services
Trojan Security
Trust Security Services
Vanguard Security
Vigilantes Security
Waygard Security Ltd
Westhynd Security Ltd
Ziguard Security Services