Education in Botswana

Message from the Minister of Education and Skills Development

Hon. Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi

Botswana aims to achieve economic diversification and sustainable growth by positioning herself as a regional centre of excellence in education, training and research through the provision of a competent National Human Resources base.  Hence the Government continues the commitment to provide Batswana with education and training opportunities. This is attributed by a significant allocation of resources by Government to education. Since 2004 to date, the Ministry of Education and Skills Development has been allocated between 27% and 30% of the recurrent budget.

The Ministry has noted the need to work with other partners who have been identified to be playing a critical role in the provision of education as a basic human right. In this regard, the Ministry has opted to intensifying partnerships with key stake holders who can better focus on delivering relevant education and training effectively to all.  These are parents’ involvement, private sector involvement, accessibility to ICT by learners and teachers, empowerment of teachers and school leaders to bring positive change towards the achievement of the Country’s National Vision 2016 aspiration of ‘an educated and informed nation’.

A thriving further education and skills sector is seen as essential to deliver the skills required by individuals in this global competitive world. Therefore, the Ministry’s quest is to improve the quality and relevance of education and training, and further to train for the world. Hence, skills development is all about developing and implementing training programmes that empower individuals and enable them to participate positively globally.