Independent Schools in Botswana

Gross enrolment overall: 71.6% (2008)

Primary female–male ratio: 0.97:1 (2009)

Secondary female–male ratio: 1.06:1 (2009)

Primary pupil–teacher ratio: 25:1 (2009)

Secondary pupil–teacher ratio: 14:1 (2008)

There are 12 years of school starting at age seven, comprising seven years of primary and five of secondary. The private sector provides about one-third of secondary places. Some 87% of pupils complete primary school (2005). The school year starts in January. The Brigades movement, now established throughout the Commonwealth, was founded in Serowe by Patrick van Rensburg to provide vocational training in skilled trades for early school-leavers.

Independent Schools organisations in Botswana
Acacia Primary School
Baobab School
Bonatla Primary School
Bosele Secondary School
Broadhurst Primary School
Chifton Primary School
Delta Waters International School
Demae Maun Secondary School
Francistown Secondary School
Gungwe Primary School
Hillcrest Primary School
Kanye Secondary School
Kitso High School
Kweneng International Secondary School
Legae Academy
Maru a Pula School
Masokwane Primary School
Morula Primary School
Newton Primary School
Northside Primary School
Ramotswa Secondary School
Retlhatloleng Primary School
Satillite Primary School
St Mary's Primary School
Thornhill Primary School
Tshwaragano Secondary School
Tutume McConnell Senior Secondary School
Westwood International School