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Legal System

Brunei’s legal system is based on English common law — with an independent judiciary, a body of written common law judgments and statutes, and legislation enacted by the Sultan. Lawyers in the country are called solicitors. The local magistrates’ courts try the majority of cases. More serious cases go before the High Court, which sits for about two weeks out of every three months. The country makes use of judges from the United Kingdom, who are appointed as the judges for Brunei’s High Court and Court of Appeal. Brunei also has a separate system of Islamic courts that apply Sharia law in family and religious matters.

Brunei has no law school to provide legal education. Recognised institutions abroad include those in Malaysia, the UK and Australia. Major law firms, many which often focus on the offshore and corporate side of law include Dr Colin Ong Legal Services, Abrahams Davidson & Co and Daud Ismail & Co.

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S. Ong & Hale Advocates & Solicitors