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Brunei possesses a small mineral industry. The main minerals mined in Brunei include: carbonate rocks, coal, sand, gravel and silica sands. The limited extend of exploration in this mineral sector is almost certainly restricted by the protected rainforests. However it should be noted that the industry produces small volumes of cement, construction aggregate, and sand and gravel for consumption by the local construction industry. Almost all Brunei Darussalam’s requirements for ferrous and nonferrous metals and most industrial mineral products other than cement, construction aggregate, and sand and gravel are met by imports.

Coal mining near Muara began in 1837 under European guidance, but later was handed over to the Sarawak government and named Brooketon (Brooke Town) Colliery. At least 650,000 tons had been extracted, the majority of which was exported, during its run. It closed in 1924 due to global recession but reopened briefly during the Japanese occupation for domestic use.

It is estimated that the amount of coal extracted during the mine’s operation represents only about 10% of the country’s reserves. However, the areas are fairly inaccessible along the coastlines of Lumut and Muara.

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