Find Trade Union expertise in Brunei Darussalam

There is virtually no union activity in Brunei, and there is no legal basis for either collective bargaining or strikes. The Trade Union Act of 1961 authorises the creation of trade unions, which must be registered with the government. The law prohibits employers from any sort of discrimination against workers connected to trade union activities, and unions are permitted to form federations. However, the law prohibits unions and federations from affiliating with international trade union bodies without governmental consent. Civil servants are permitted to form and join unions, except for those in the army, police, and prisons, but none have done so. As of 2011, there were only three trade unions registered in the country, and only the Brunei Oilfield Workers Union (BOWU) is active as a trade union organisation.

Trade Unions organisations in Brunei Darussalam
Brunei Malay Teachers' Association (BMTA)