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Agriculture, forestry and fisheries contribute 21% of Cameroon’s GDP (2008). Cameroon’s National Forestry Development Agency (ANAFOR) estimates that forestry’s contribution is about half of this. The forestry sector provides a rich source of employment, employing more than 30,000 people. Forests form 46% of the country’s total land area (2005). They are however disappearing at rate of 0.9% per annum (1990-2005). Illegal logging is a major concern. The sector falls within the purview of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife. ANAFOR is also at the frontline in managing the sector.

Forestry organisations in Cameroon
Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, The
National Forestry Development Agency (ANAFOR)
Society of Agriculture and Forestry Cameroon (SAFACAM)
Transformation REEF Cameroun