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The largest companies and multinationals in Cameroon can be found in the primary industries. The country benefits immensely from natural resources and a favourable climate which make it a relatively good primary commodity economy. Large companies include Alucam, the aluminium smelting subsidiary of Rio Tinto Alcan; the Cameroon Development Corporation, a state-owned agricultural enterprise said to be the largest employer; SOSUCAM, a sugar manufacturer; petroleum producers Elf, Perenco, and Pecten (Shell); banks, Société Genérale, Crédit Lyonnais, and Standard Chartered. There are currently only 3 companies listed on the Douala Stock Exchange, the country’s official securities bourse; Semc, a Cameroon subsidiary of French group Castel, Society of Agriculture and Forestry Cameroon (SAFACAM) and SOCAPALM, a palm oil company.

Major Corporations organisations in Cameroon
British Airways (Cameroon)
Cameroon Development Corporation
Crédit Lyonnais
Pecten (Shell)
Samco Group Enterprises
Société Genérale
Society of Agriculture and Forestry Cameroon (SAFACAM)
Standard Chartered Bank