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Africa’s economic recession has created a ‘book-publishing crisis’ on the continent. Despite this, publishing activities are heavily concentrated in two or three countries in West Africa, including Cameroon. Local publishers in Cameroon include Cradlelight Books which specialise in poetry, religion, drama and history, as well as Langaa Publishers, Patron Publishers and Buma Kor.

Cameroon is rated 100 out of 144 and has a score of 3.1 in the Global Competitiveness Report 2012–13. In comparison to its neighbouring countries, Nigeria is placed 10 places lower in the chart with a score of 2.9. Other countries on the continent, such as Egypt are 85th on the chart with a score of 4.0 for its intellectual property protection. Like many developing countries Cameroon’s publishing sector is host to dominant transnational publishers. Edicef is 100% owned by international publishing company, Hachette and is the leading player in the publishing sector.

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