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Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation (CAMWATER) and Camerounaise des Eaux (CDE) are the key institutions in the water sector, working in partnership. CDE, which is managed by a consortium called ONEP, is in charge of treating, transporting and distributing drinking water. It ensures maintenance of infrastructure, as well the replacement of those assets under its care with a view to improving service levels. CAMWATER mobilises funds for development projects. It also is involved in the construction, rehabilitation and management of drinking water infrastructures. Sanitary systems are the responsibility of the respective municipalities.

A long standing PPP in Cameroon is the municipal solid waste management system. The private corporation Hysacam provides waste management services across 14 towns and cities, deploying the whole solid waste chain from collection to processing. Of its CFA20 billion revenue, 85% is state derived. Hysacam is bound by performance contracts set by the urban community regarding collection and cleaning timings within each vicinity.

Water and Sanitation organisations in Cameroon
Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation (CAMWATER)
Camerounaise des Eaux (CDE)
Life and Water Development Group
ONEP of Morocco