Research Institutes in Cameroon

There are numerous research institutes in Cameroon and many of the universities undertake research in various fields such as medical science, agriculture, social sciences and natural sciences. Research institutes include the Medical Research Institute for Medicinal Plants, the Research Institute for Agronomic Development, Institute for Geological and Mining Research and the International Relations Institute of Cameroon. The state universities at Yaoundé (two), Dschang, Ngaoundéré, Douala and Buéa all undertake varying levels of research. The research sector falls under the purview of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation.

Research Institutes organisations in Cameroon
Asociation Camerounaise des Amis de l'UNESCO
Buea Mountain Club
Cameroon Athletics Federation ( Federation Camerounaise d'Athletism)
Cameroon Baseball & Softball Federation
Cameroon Boxing Federation (Federation Camerounaise de Boxe)
Cameroon Canoe Federation ( Federation Camerounaise des Sport Nautiques)
Cameroon Football Federation (Federation Camerounaise de Football)
Cameroon Gymnastics Federation (Federation Camerounaise De Gymnastique)
Cameroon National Olympic Commitee (Comite National Olimpique du Cameroun)
Cameroon Table Tennis Federation (Federation Camerounaise de Tennis de Table)
Cameroon Taekwondo Federation (Federation Camerounaise de Taekwondo)
Cameroon Tennis Federation (Federation Camerounaise de Tennis)
Cameroon Weightlifting Federation
Center for Action Oriented Research on African Development
Centre Culturel Africain
Centre de Reserche pour le Developement Durable en Afrique
Centre International de Development et de Recherche
Centre National d'Education
Compagnie Française pour le Développement des Fibres Textiles (CFDT)
Direction de la Météorologie Nationale
Federation Camerounaise du Lawn Tennis
Humid Forest Ecoregional Center
Institut de Formation et de Recherche Dèmographiques
Institut de la Recherche Agronomique
Institut de Recherche pour le Dèveloppement (IRD)
Institut de Recherches Gèologiques et Minières
Institut de Recherches Mèdicales et d'Etudes des Plantes Mèdicinales
Institut de Recherches pour les Huiles et Olèagineux (IRHO)
Institut des Recherches Zootechniques et Vètèrinaires (IRZV)
Institut des Relations Internationales du Cameroun (IRIC)
Institut des Sciences Humaines
Institut Gèographique National
Institute for Geological and Mining Research
Instituts du Ministère de l'Enseignement Supèrieur
International Relations Institute of Cameroon
Medical Research Institute for Medicinal Plants
Ministere de la Jeunesse et des Sports
Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation
Research for Enterprise, Industries, Technology and Development