Tourism in Cameroon

Cameroon has a broad appeal catering for every palate. The central areas boast various restaurants with good service; Douala and YaoundĂ© boast many different styles of cuisine from Lebanese, Asian and African to European. Local specialities include Feuille (manioc leaves), West African peanut soup, Banana bread, Zom (spinach with meat), fried sweet potatoes and plantains and beef with pineapple or coconut. National drinks also offer distinct flavours including homemade millet, sorghum or corn beers, palm wine and the Afofo (firewater distilled from palm sap). In terms of entertainment both nightlife and casinos abound, as well as various restaurants that function as live music venues. There are no licensing hours, and hotel bars stay open until the last customer leaves. Cameroon boasts a broad range of wildlife within its borders: western lowland gorillas, elephants, buffalos, various hogs, yellow-backed duikers and bongo antelopes. For a cultural experience of note visit the BaAka pygmies to learn about Cameroon’s forest or for something more extravagant the Festival National des Arts et de la Culture (FENAC) is a lively spectacle.

Tourism organisations in Cameroon
Africa Travel Association
Africult and Tourism
Aigle Voyages
Amy Voyages
Association des Clubs des Amis de la Nature
Association des Professionnels du Tourisme Camerounais
Association des Scouts du Cameroon
Asssociation des Guides de Tourisme Camerouais
Bag Travel Agency
BirdLife International
Cameroon Promotours
Cameroon Rev'Tours
Cameroon Safari Agency
Cameroon Tours and Safaris
Cameroon Travel Center
Cameroun Extreme Nord Safaris
Cameroun Horizon - Agence de Tourisme et de Voyages
Cametoun Vacances
Cap Evasion Voyages
Caravene Cameroon
Caval Travel
Chambre d'Agriculture, de l'Elevage et des Forete
Comax Tours
Delegation Provinciale du Tourisme pour le Littoral
Delegation Provinciale du Tourisme pour l'Adamaoua
Delegation Provinciale du Tourisme pour l'Est
Delegation Provinciale du Tourisme pour l'Extreme-Nord
Delegation Provinciale du Tourisme pour le Centre
Delegation Provinciale du Tourisme pour le Nord
Delegation Provinciale du Tourisme pour le Sud
Dream Travel and Tourism
Ebene Voyages
Fagus Voyages
Inter Tour Travel Agency
Inter Tropic Travel Agency
Inter Voyages
International Albatros Tours
Jully Voyages
Jully Voyages (Yaounde)
La Transcamerounaise
Ministere de l'Environment et des Forets
Ministere du Tourism
Ministry of Tourism, The
Mission de Recreation
Moabi Voyages
Mount Cameroon Ecotourism Organization
National Airways Cameroon
Nord Cameroun Express Tour
Palais des Congres
Parque National du Korup
Porte Mayo
Provincial Delegation of Tourism for the North West
Provincial Delegation of Tourism for the South West
Reserve de Biosphere du Dja
Safari Tours
SAGA Voyages
Sakina Voyages
Souad Voyages
Syndicat National des Agences de Voyages et de Tourisme du Cameroun
Transu Voyages
West African Alternatives
West Camtour
WWF Cameroon