Transport in Cameroon

There are several international flights to Cameroon to Douala and Yaoundé from various European cities. Brussels Airlines and Air France are two of the larger operators. Domestic air transport in Cameroon is not the norm, though private charter planes are available. Transport by water is an option. Cargo boats on occasion take on passengers, though this occurs as an unregulated service. Land transport takes various forms and the train is a popular option with Cameroon Railways (CAMRAIL) being the national service provider. Though slow the train service is dependable. Although roads are paved between main centres, other roads are generally poorly maintained and may be impassable during the rainy season, and vehicles are poorly lit and badly-driven making driving at night dangerous. Modern bus services are available between Yaoundé and Douala though the condition of the roads are poor. Car hire is also an option, but it tends to be expensive and limited to Douala, Yaoundé and Limbé. Taxis and share-taxis are available at reasonable fixed rates though none are metered and a fair should be established in advance.

Transport organisations in Cameroon
Cameroon Airlines
CAMRAIL (Yaounde)
Centrale Voyages
Douala International Airport
Garoua Airport
Transline SA
Transline SA
Yaoundé Airport
Yaounde Automobile Club