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Canada is a strong financial centre. In fact, for five years in a row (2008–12) the World Economic Forum ranked Canada’s banking system as the world’s soundest – a fact indicative of the prudential management of its banks. Canadian banks also borrow at particularly low rates, something which might contribute to their low-risk profile. They are well-diversified organisations, with investment banks anchored by solid deposit-taking institutions. Canada’s mature, world-leading banking sector at one point attracted CAD54 (US$57) billion in foreign investment as a whole in a single year (2006). The host of globally competitive banks based in Canada includes the ‘big six’ – Royal Bank of Canada, TD Canada Trust, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and National Bank of Commerce – which hold more than 80% of total bank assets, along with international financial firms such as BNP Paribas and CITCO. The impact of the industry is significant: financial services contributed $55.5 billion to the Canada’s economy and employed 274,000 people in 2011. The strength of Canada’s financial system enabled its continuing vigour in the face of the challenging global environment (2012). As of 2012 Canadian markets saw relative stability, whilst banks continued to have good access to wholesale funding markets.

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