Transport in Canada

International airports serve all of Canada’s major cities. Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Halifax all have international connections. The principle national airline is Air Canada, although many other carriers operate in and around Canada. There are several points at which the Canadian rail system links to the United States. Major routes run between New York-Montreal, New York-Buffalo-Niagara Falls-Toronto and Cleveland-Buffalo-Niagara Falls-Toronto. If visitors wish to arrive in Canada by sea, there are several ports that are served by international shipping lines. Cruise lines operate from Montreal and Vancouver, Canada’s busiest port. Additionally, there are ferries running along many of the Great Lakes, such as Toronto’s port on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. Car hire is available in all cities and from airports for full licence holders over the age of 21. However, for some hire companies, drivers may need to be at least 25 years old.

Transport organisations in Canada
Air Canada
Air Canada Jazz
Air Creebec Inc., Eastern Division
Air Creebec, Western Division
Air Georgian
Air Inuit
Air North
Air Satellite Inc.
Air Tindi
Air Transat
Air Transport Association of Canada
Alkan Air
Baxter Aviation
Bearskin Airlines
British Columbia Ferry Corporation
Calm Air
Canadian Automobile Sports Club
Canadian Bus Association
Canadian National Railway Company
Canadian Pacific Rail
Candian Automobile Association
Candian North
Canjet Airlines
Central Mountain Air
First Air
Greyhound Lines of Canada, Calgary
Greyhound Lines of Canada, Toronto
Greyhound Lines of Canada, Vancouver
Harmony Airways
Helijet Airways
Labrodor Airways Ltd
Marine Atlantic
North Cariboo Air
North-Wright Air Ltd
Northern Thunderbird Air Ltd
Office of Canada Customs
Pacific Coastal Airlines
Pascan Aviation
Peninsulair Ltd
Perimeter Airlines Ltd
Prince Edward Air Ltd
Provincial Airlines Limited, Halifax
Provincial Airlines Limited, St John\'s
Railway Association of Canada
Skycharter Limited
Skyservice Airlines
Transport Canada, Atlantic Region
Transport Canada, Head Office
Transport Canada, Ontario Region
Transport Canada, Pacific Region
Transport Canada, Praire and Northern Region
Transport Canada, Quebec Region
Travel By Rail
Via Rail Canada Inc.
Wasaya Airways
Westjet Airlines
Zoom Airlines