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Although Cyprus has a long history and strong culture of mining, the sector now only makes a small contribution to the national economy.

The mining industry of Cyprus was once incredibly profitable, being active in the production of copper, iron pyrite, gold and asbestos fibers. The mining sector began to shrink in the 1970s, due to several external factors, including the 1974 Turkish invasion of the northern part of the Island where several important mining areas existed; the exhaustion of copper deposits in the country’s most important mines, and the stigma surrounding the use of asbestos in the international marketplace.

Today, although very little mining takes place in Cyprus, one of the few mines still in use is the Skouriotissa copper mine of owned by Hellenic Copper Mines. Canadian company Northern Lion Gold Corp has been carrying out exploratory work searching for gold deposits continuing to explore for gold in the Troodos Terrane on the central part of the island. The company has also commenced a 1,500 diamond drill programme as a joint venture with another Canadian company, Centerra Gold. The programme is being carried out across areas of the districts of Paphos and Larnaca.

In 2012, according to the Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus, there were 534 people employed in the mining and quarrying sectors in the country.

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