Research and Consultancy in Cyprus

Research institutes

Research in Cyprus is carried out by a range of higher-education and independent-research institutes. Such organisations conduct research across many fields and disciplines. Examples include The Cyprus Institute, a research- and education-based organisation with a technological and scientific orientation that aims to develop new models for the scientific community; the Cyprus Centre of the Peace Research Institute of Oslo, conducting research aimed at enhancing cooperation and facilitating dialogue between Greek and Turkish Cypriots; and the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute which aims to promote the study of Cypriot archaeology and related humanistic disciplines.


Due to Cyprus’ economy being dominated by the services sector, the majority of consultancy services in the country are directed towards supporting this sector. There are numerous consultancy firms that offer a wide range of services spanning all the main sectors of Cyprus’ economy. These include business and management consultancy, financial consultancy, engineering consultancy, environmental consultancy and security consultancy. The “big four” professional services firms all operate in Cyprus, primarily providing consultancy services relating to the financial sector, such as accounting, audit and tax services.

Research and Consultancy organisations in Cyprus
Cyprus Research Centre