Universities and Colleges in Cyprus

Greek Cypriots have one of the world’s highest proportions of graduates. The University of Cyprus is a bilingual (Greek and Turkish) university which opened in 1992. The other public universities are Cyprus University of Technology (2007) and Open University of Cyprus (2002). Private universities include European University Cyprus (2007), which developed out of Cyprus College (1961); Frederick University (2007), which developed out of the Frederick Institute of Technology (1965); Neapolis University, Paphos, (2010); and University of Nicosia (2007), which developed out of Intercollege (1980). Other public tertiary institutions include Cyprus Forestry College (1951); Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus (1966); Higher Technical Institute (1968); Mediterranean Institute of Management (1976, postgraduate); and Nursing School. The female–male ratio for gross enrolment in tertiary education is 0.86:1 (2010). There is virtually no illiteracy among people aged 15–24. Public and semi-public non-formal education is provided through the Apprenticeship Training Scheme. Technical education evening classes are administered by the Ministries of Labour and Education and delivered by adult education centres. Cyprus Adult Education Association, an NGO working to promote adult education and international co-operation, works with the adult education centres throughout the country. Accelerated vocational training and re-training courses are run by the Industrial Training Authority.

Universities and Colleges organisations in Cyprus
Cyprus University of Technology
Fredrick University
Neapolis University
Open University of Cyprus
PL University of Nicosia
UCLan - Cyprus
University of Cyprus