Government Ministries

Each of Cyprus’ 11 ministries is headed by a minister who is responsible for the overall administration and organisation of services of their respective ministry, as well as for the implementation of laws relating to their ministerial portfolio. Ministers also form the Council of Ministers which, together with the president, forms the executive arm of the government. Its responsibilities include aiding decisions on general policy direction, supervising the coordination of the country’s public services and drawing up government budgets for presentation to the House of Representatives. Ministers are appointed by the president and may be chosen from outside the House of Representatives. The civil servant head in each ministry is the permanent secretary.

Government Ministries organisations in Cyprus
House Of Representatives
Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
Ministry of Communications and Works
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Justice and Public Order
Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance
Ministry of the Interior
Presidential Palace