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In order to expand its tourism industry, Dominica will need to develop a coherent marketing strategy to promote its niche market – rainforests, waterfalls, volcanic sites and coral reefs to the growing international eco-tourism market. Much of these efforts are achieved with the help of established firms in more developed countries.  For example, the Discover Dominica Agency is using an American firm, Bolin Marketing, to boost the number of stay over tourists arrivals to Dominica through developed marketing strategies, in both the USA and Canada. This is in line with how the government deals with consultancy in other areas. In terms of a local industry, the government plays a central part in any campaigns – especially through the fore-mentioned tourism agency and Invest Dominica, which aims to attract FDI.

There a number of local advertising and marketing firms based in the capital of Roseau, including FSI Creative, DesignStudio, R & R Multimedia Limited, Apex Services, Savvy Caribbean Marketing, Horizon Promos and Kon Lanbi Productions. Public relations is primarily an in-house operation for most companies in the country.