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Dominica has a literacy rate of 88.0% (2006). The main religion is Christianity – over 70% of the population is Roman Catholic. English is the official language. Creole is also spoken by a majority of population. There is a significant Carib Indian population, estimated at 3,400 persons, of a total population of 72,000. Most live on a 3,783-acre reservation created in 1903 and expanded in 1997. In line with the country’s liberal stance on offshore companies and its desire for FDI, there are few restrictions on foreign workers in the country. The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has responsibility is the main government ministry in charge of human resource development. The Government sees the need for human resource auditing, and is using the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) to make better of human resources within the public sector. 

Human Resources organisations in Dominica
Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Labour