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Legal System

The legal system of Dominica is based on the English Common Law system, with the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) and the Privy Council being the bodies of binding authority. The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court was established (as West Indies Associated States Supreme Court) in 1967 with its headquarters in St Lucia, and is responsible for the administration of justice in its member states, including Dominica.

The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court comprises the High Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal.  The High Court has 16 judges, one of whom is permanently resident in the country and sits in the court of summary jurisdiction.  Less serious cases are heard in district magistrates’ courts. There are three magistrates’ courts, with appeal made to the ECSC.  The Court of Appeal is itinerant. The High Court’s jurisdiction includes fundamental rights and freedoms, and constitutional issues.  Before 2003, the last court of appeal was the Privy Council in England.  However, in 2003 Caribbean leaders ratified a treaty establishing the Caribbean Court of Justice.

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